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  • Smart wear

    Smart wear


    Third generation wear UI design, support blood pressure / heart rate / step, multi show: OLED/TFT, multi-point touch, ultra long standby, ultra low power, high-end customization

  • High-end mobile power

    High-end mobile power


    1. Precise OLED power display 2.Type-C + bidirectional fast charge 3.5W-15W wireless charge and discharge, support the latest mobile phone.

  • Wireless charger

    Wireless charger


    To meet the needs of intelligent terminal wireless charging, the development of high-end custom wireless charger, using TI / TOSHIBA high-efficiency wireless transmission program, providing private custom.

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Shenzhen JSX Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as JSX) was established in 2016, is a professional 3C digital accessories products, hardware and software development of high-tech companies, is committed to high-end mobile power, wireless chargers, smart wear The company has a total of more than 10 core research and development, in Shenzhen and Shanghai set up R & D laboratories, with strong independent research and development and new product design capabilities. The company has a number of independent research and development

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